Monday, 7 March 2016

Mammalian Orders

I love classification work! It is so much fun, I think because language and etymology really come into play and it can be one way of engaging students with some lively discussion.

This set of mammal cards serve as an introduction to the main orders within the class mammalia. There is a picture card and information/description card for the orders covered (18). They have been colour coded as these are the first in a series of resources, as I hope to cover each of the classes.

Flexibility is key to most of the materials I make. These cards can be used for matching and reading, made into a chart or booklet, etc. I will make a set to have on hand and also use the picture cards to make an Animal Kingdom chart when I have completed making all of my sets.

This pack includes:

  • 18 animal order cards
  • 18 information/definition cards
  • A mammal summary card (for reading/comprehension and designed to be a part of the ongoing set)
  • work sheet with answer key (geared more for older students)
  • research guide/note booking page
  • word search with answer key
The pack is available HERE and HERE.

Over at my other blog I have a FREEBIE that can be handy for free form classification work. Kids love spreading out animal cards on the ground, sorting and classifying and discussing what goes where and why. (click HERE and scroll down to the 'Biology' section)

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