Monday, 8 May 2017

Tumbleweeds & Cobwebs

It's been a little quiet around the blog lately, so much has been happening in other areas of my life. My health continues to go up and down, which is something I can expect to go on for a while. The tutoring studio is plodding along - I am contemplating Instagram as a way to remember to take photo's of things that I can record and share. I will update you with anything new as it happens.

My other blog has been taking up the little bit of free time I have had - again mostly behind the scenes stuff, not a lot of visible happenings there either. I have lots of ideas for resources and materials, but finding the time is difficult. I tend to prioritise my creations based on what our needs are in the tutoring studio, and of course what my own children may need or be interested in.

In an effort to blow off the cobwebs I have some new little social media icons in my sidebar - hopefully I will be adding an IG one to the collection soon.

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