Sunday, 17 January 2016

Rainbow Frog Adjective Game

One Montessori activity I love is the Detective Adjective Game. You can find an outline of this at HERE, but essentially children learn to discern the different types of triangles through a guessing game using adjectives as clues.

Last year I made a different version of this game for a tutoring student with learning difficulties. I got the idea after we had a session discussing their favourite book Rainbow Frogs.

Instead of triangles, I used frogs - which meant less adjectives to enable this particular student to maintain their focus. 

How the Game Works

This can be done 1:1 or with 2-3 children. First time doing this the teacher can lead the activity. Once the children understand how it works they are able to do it on their own.

  1. All the frogs are laid on the floor.
  2. Someone secretly chooses a frog from the control chart (e.g. the medium blue frog)
  3. The others take turns guessing by using adjectives to work out which frog the child has in mind (e.g. is it a small frog? is it a purple frog?)
  4. Each time someone asks a question and is incorrect all the cards that match that adjective are removed (e.g. if someone asks "is it a small frog?" and the answer is "no" then all the small frogs are removed)
  5. Questions are asked until there is only one frog remaining (in this example it should be the medium blue frog)
Word labels can then be matched correctly to each frog.

Suggested age range: 4 - 7 years

You can find my Rainbow Frog Adjective Game HERE.
It is also available at my Teach In A Box store HERE.
The file contains rainbow frog cards, word labels and control chart.

I would love to hear how you use or adapt these in your learning environment!

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