Thursday, 28 January 2016

Earth & It's Seasons

My favourite learning area outside of Language would have to be Geography. So I was really excited when I was approached by a former colleague who is now a home-school mama to put some resources together for her.

This pack provides the foundation for understanding how the Earth's movement around the Sun effects changes in the seasons. The task/activity cards are designed to appeal to different ways of learning (multiple intelligences) and encourage students to enrich their understanding.

The pack includes:

  • an unlabelled diagram
  • a labelled diagram
  • seven information cards (plus a cover) outlining the four main points of the Earth's journey, the tropics and Australian Aboriginal seasons (could also be made into a booklet)
  • twelve task/activity cards for extensions or assessment
  • a note-booking page

You can find the pack HERE and also HERE.

I am looking forward to creating a pack to complement this, dedicated to seasons and natural disasters, during the year.

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