Friday, 1 April 2016

Colours in French

My own children are learning several languages, through school and through their own interests. My youngest is learning French at school so I have been making some resources to help him revise and extend himself at home.

Three part cards are a versatile revision tool that can be used for independent learning.

Sorting and classifying are fun ways to re-enforce new vocabulary and concepts.

 For young children you can introduce the concept without the written word

I-Spy games and beginning sounds games are key when learning any language - lots of opportunities to say the word, repeat it and hear it are important, especially for correct pronunciation.

I have also made these cards in Italian and Japanese.

This file can be found for FREE HERE and HERE.

More about three part cards: How to Prepare Three Part Cards and Rationale & Ways to Use them


  1. Thanks for sharing! I like your color basket to go with the card work!