Monday, 11 April 2016

Number Cards

Ok, I will start by acknowledging there are great deal of number cards out there to download. And the majority of them are great/cute/fun/etc. But there is something special about the Montessori style ones you see.

Montessori mathematics is VERY clever and I could write oodles on the topic of just how clever the maths materials you see in Montessori classrooms are. Essentially though, everything has a direct purpose and an indirect purpose (laying the foundation for something else to come). Which brings me to the number cards.

The Montessori number cards, and the way young children are taught to lay out the corresponding counters, are purposeful in the pattern they use. The direct purpose of the cards are for teaching the value of numbers, but the indirect purpose that the pattern prepares the child for is the more abstract concept of odd and even numbers. So whilst it is not explicitly taught at this stage, it is preparing them for concept for when the time comes and providing an opportunity for the child to make this discovery for herself. You may see this pattern in other numeracy materials I have developed.

The file has a set of cards with the numeral and a set with the word. They can be used as three part cards or flash cards depending on your preference and environment. Want to know more about three part cards? Read this.

You can find a FREE set of number cards HERE and HERE.

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  1. These are great! Perfect timing as we're going to be introducing the corresponding Montessori materials to Sunshine very soon!