Monday, 9 May 2016

Whales & Grasshoppers

One of the home-school families I do some tutoring with have started looking at whales, so to continue and extend the theme into our tutoring time I made a mini pack of materials that I think could be useful to others as well.

Pack includes:
  • quantity cards
  • numeral cards
  • whale mini book - mini book of whale facts
  • labelled diagram and blank diagram for labelling
You can find the pack at my TpT Store.

Would you like to get an idea of how some of the resources look before purchasing?

Take a look at my free Grasshopper Pack which has quantity cards, numeral cards and a mini-book.

Have a certain animal in mind you want to study? Contact me with details of what you would like to include in a pack and any other specifications you may require. Find my email address on my Contact Page.

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