Sunday, 27 November 2016

TpT Wish List

I always love a bargain and what better time as a teacher to grab one than a Teachers Pay Teachers Sale! As always I am participating with the usual 20% off at my store and when you check out and add the code: CYBER2016 you will receive another 10% off (that is 28% off!)

Amanda over at Daisy Designs has had a great idea to showcase some of the most sort after items on TpT - so if you didn't find my post at her linky I recommend checking out some other posts.

My top three items that are on peoples wish list are:

Rotation of the Earth & The Seasons - this pack contains an unlabelled chart, a labelled chart, a booklet about the rotation of the earth and the resulting seasons, twelve task/activity cards and a note booking page. Makes a great mini-unit or the foundation of a larger unit. Suitable for grades 2 through to 6, possibly 7.

Orders of Mammalia - this is the first of a series I am doing on the different classes of animals. It features eighteen pairs of picture and information cards, mammal summary card, worksheet (and answer key), word search (and answer key) and a card for guiding independent research. Suitable for grades three to seven (and beyond). When the series is completed these will be bundled.

Synonyms: Shades of Meaning - a flexible set of word cards. Essentially seven sets of twelve verbs for exploring synonyms. The file contains a colour coded set and plain set for more versatility. A really fun thing to do after initial lessons is to use them for charades to further cement students understanding of synonyms. For older students these will aid discussion of how synonyms can deepen our writing. There is a record sheet for students to write the definition of a synonym in their own words and two record some examples.

What is on your TpT wishlist? Now is the perfect time to grab it on sale - you can also see what other's top three wish list items are HERE (goes live on the 28th). Thanks to Amanda for hosting such a great linky!


  1. Love the shades of meaning activity! I've used this idea before, and it's a great way to build exposure to new vocabulary. :-)

    1. Thank you - I really like to have an integrated approach to vocabulary. I find having word cards like these encourage students to explore more on an independent level. Thank you for visiting!

  2. Love the idea of doing charades for shades of meaning. good luck tomorrow!

    1. it is so much fun and really highlights the slight variations in meaning. Thanks for visiting :)