Sunday, 20 November 2016

Vegetable Garden

Kitchen gardens are all the rage at schools around Australia. It is something parents, teachers and the wider community are all keen to get behind - and with good reason. There are so many positives to having a kitchen garden at school, especially when the children are able to take responsibility and ownership of it for themselves.

What's in the vegetable garden?

I think it is really important children make a connection with their food from a young age. It cultivates an appreciation of the world we live in and provides an understanding of where our food comes from. Many of my students do not have a vegetable patch at home, which is why it is so fantastic that kitchen gardens have become so prevalent in our schools. Not only do they provide academic learning opportunities but they also allow children to foster a sense of responsibility, cultivate self-esteem, team building and cooperation as well as drawing connections between learning and life.

Using photos from my personal vegetable garden at home I have created a set of vegetable patch three part cards and a scavenger hunt page. The scavenger hunt page could be a great conversation starter for older students as to why certain plants cannot be found in different parts of the country (or world!) and at different times of the year. For younger students it can be a way to keep them focused and honing their observation skills whilst being outside hunting.

You can find the file HERE.


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  1. Gardens are such a great, healthy thing. I love your scavenger hunt.